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When someone cuts themselves with a razor up the arm, along a vein, instead of "across the street" which means going across your wrist. Up the road is much more painful, but faster.
Ross went up the road instead of across the street because Judy broke his heart.
by Bianka April 12, 2006
Deceptively nearby, especially when referring to a destination requiring a car trip. The term applies well in areas where roads are winding and possess very few landmarks, such as in rural communities.
The county courthouse is right up the road. (In reality, it takes about 45 minutes to get there.)
by jboyardee October 03, 2007
The place De Ridder kids once had to go to get liquor, i.e. Leesville.
We goin' up the road after the game tonight.
by twostep April 10, 2007
The act of walking up Sydenham Road in pursuit of cheap discounted Chinese food or fried chicken after school.

Upon arriving "up the road" you can see such sites as Slatters (now known as "The Cake Factory") and if you are very lucky maybe mole girl.

It is an activity which James Morgan and Josh Mills derive great plasure from.
"Wanna come up the rooooad?"
by morgangills November 15, 2004
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