The best band out there right now
John: Staind is the best band! Yeah!
by Marinerman June 23, 2005
A band whose songs all sound the fucking same. Plagued with filler-tracks. Staind, along with Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback, is a mediocre nu-metal band that contributes to the mundane sound of today's rock music. Boycott this crap.
I hope Staind's new album will be as good as the last one... wait, of course it will be, because it'll be the same thing again!
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 02, 2004
When I first heard this band, it was love at first sight (hearing). And after three years, they still amaze me, every time I hear their material.
"The thoughts through my mind" 4 walls. Their lyrics, don;t make you commit suicide. When you hear them you say, "I am not alona. MAny have passsed through the same things, and habe survived it. I can be like them. " :D Personally, I owe my luife to Staind, cause if I'm stil lalive, it's thanks to them.
by StaindFan#1 August 05, 2003
first off if you cant play staind songs because there too hard, you suck at life. Thats not a reason to like or dislike a band anyway. I think staind has had a couple good songs. check out mudshovel, its been a while, for you and outside. all pretty decent songs.
staind is an ok band
by john gallione March 15, 2007
One of the most uber bands in THE WHOLE GOD DAMN WORLD! And does deserve more recognition, cuz they do kick ass!
Staind kicks all your pop lovin asses!
by Sonya July 19, 2003
A boring band with nothing unique at all to offer popular music. Distinguished by their lyrics, which sound like a fourteen year old girl wrote them. Their singer is yet another rock star who makes a living off of whining about feeling insecure to relate with children. Though he is at least in his late thirties and bald it seems to work.
"Staind makes me feel like blowing my brains out."

"Is that Tool?"
"No, they're talented. That's Staind."
by nitegaunt June 16, 2006
possibly the best band ever to grace this planet. their lyrics are so deep and whenever i hear them it makes me want to cry. i realise that i'm not the only one suffering and that there are people out there more fucked up than me.

any of the idiots who dissed staind are clearly people who dont understand the lyrics. that's okay, they can go off and listen to their mainstream shit, that's fine with me. just dont come here simply to abuse the fuck out of a band that is too deep for you.
i couldnt go to the staind concert because it had to be fucking 18+!
by melmelmelmel July 05, 2006

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