the greatest band out there you can really relate to the music it's the shit hands up.they just sing about life it's a lot better than that rap shit that always talks about beat girls/women and killing cops thats no music
Staind or STAIND grteatest rock band
by germandeamon January 28, 2008
A chick that has been tainted by the goods of a man. They are usually identified by a pull out target on the low back or an unusual body peircing.
Bro, Leighton totally banged that staind over there with his monster horse meat! What a whore...
by HorseLO December 10, 2005
A band in which all there songs start off with a light guitar picking section then a heavy riff. About EVERY song is like this. Just listen to 13 shades of gray. All the songs are the same. Go listen to a real band with original music instead of this one... like The Mars Volta
OMG I Staind my clothes with crap and throwup because this music is so terrible!
by Puckett April 26, 2005
kick ass band with a lead singer who looks like a pedophile

An adjective used to describe an article of clothing, or a similar entity, that has an irremovable mark
"Looks like the bald, pedophilic, lead singer of staind has a staind shirt!"

"its stained, asswipe"
by shooter August 03, 2005
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