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what happens when assholes treat people like shit. sadly enough the world hasn't learned a damn thing from this and most likely never will.
columbine was the result of two kids who were reduced to nothing on a daily basis.
by john gallione February 13, 2007
portrayed Jackie Berhnardt on that '70s show and does the voice of meg griffen on family guy. super sexy.
dude mila kunis is fucking hot.
by john gallione January 15, 2007
southside baseball team from chicago. won the world series in '05 but still no one shows up to their games. they make jokes the cubs corking their bats but didnt albert belle cork his shit when he was on the white sox? thats what i thought.
hey the white sox won the world series in 05.
how come no one comes to the cell?
because its in the middle of the projects
oh i see, wanna go to wrigley?
by john gallione May 20, 2007
most talented, crazy, fun, and exciting people in the band. typically not your typical band geeks. these guys are normally drummers in rock/punk bands or even in some cases produce rap beats (i do both). most often not a loser and has friends. a lot of them are also athletes. these great people CAN read music. so fuck woodwind players. these people also hate their conductor because conductors blame all their problems on the drums. lastly the group that tends to have the most people kicked out of the band dude to excessive crazyness or smoking weed in the porto pottys.
u hear johnny got kicked out of band for walking out of class when the conductor yelled at him?

too bad he was a big part of the drumline.
by john gallione January 15, 2007
larry the cble guy's catch phrase. it kind of means lets do this, or go for it. but it is said in a much funnier way.
"this woman i met at a party said shave me, i said all right get-r-done!" but the next thing ya know i was shavin her back.....
by john gallione May 17, 2005
a day when bam told phil he couldnt eat for 24 hours and put up billboarda and even when they went to a turbonegro concert, started a chant of phil is fat
poor fat phil, hes so fat.
by john gallione June 03, 2004
to the guy who said the game is full of shitty kickers is retarded. the goalpost is higher and narrower than an nfl goalpost. im a kicker for my school and im telling you its way hard.
arena football may have nfl rejects for every other position, but not kickers.
by john gallione December 30, 2006
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