Staind is a unique band, they are not labled as Nu metal anymore, Staind is about how Aaron Lewis is Feeling..for instances in Tormented he was a drug head that hated himself for it, and he has Bad ass songs that is not soft at all. In Dysfunction his life is still shit and they get a record deal or something like that from Limp Bizkits Fred Durst which helped there name come out in public and be noticed, in Break the Cycle he is clearing his life and breaking all his bad habits like he says in one of his songs i think. In that new one 14 Shades of grey, he has a daughter now (zoe Jane) and sings his feelings in melodies with fuckin great gurtarists... and if you are a wanna be fan like most people of staind there 4 cd's, not just 14 shade of grey and break the cycle.
Staind is by far the most kick ass band i have ever known
by Doug November 23, 2004
yes staind is the shit no doubt about it
so far away , yesterday , fill me up , and how about you
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
Staind are a hard rock band from Springfield, Massachusetts. Staind consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist/backing vocalist Johnny "Old School" April, and drummer Jon Wysocki. Staind have released six studio albums to date. Tormented(1996), Dysfunction(1999), Break The Cycle(2001), 14 Shades of Grey(2003), Chapter V(2005), and The Illusion of Progress(2008).

Some of the band's most popular songs include: Mudshovel, It's Been Awhile, So Far Away, Right Here, and Believe.
Hey Phil, I'm going to the Staind concert tomorrow.
by ZackyTheBoss December 19, 2009
Yea you're all right.. Staind does kick major ass... and that girl that posted above me said uber!! FUCK YEA!! but yea.. its actually über with the "ü" which is alt 129 if you want that cool 'u'
Staind kicks the hell out of your ass.
by LaUrA -- AnDrOmEdA647 on AiM July 21, 2003
Good band. Very good band.
by Insignificant July 26, 2003
a rock group from springfield, mass. they've produced hit songs like "Its been awhile", "So Far Away", and "Right Here", but all of there songs are good. they started as J-CAT but soon changed there name to Staind. In 1996 they released "Tormented" a nightmarish self-released album. They only produced 4000 copies of the album originally. Around 1998 Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst signed the group to flip records, and in 1999 they released "Dysfunction". it wasn't as angry or suicidal as Tormented but was very angry sounding. They released "Just Go", "Mudshovel", and "Home" as singles. On the family values tour they released the live song "Outside" which was there first main-stream hit. In 2001 they released "Break The Cycle" which spawned hits like "Its been awhile", "Fade", "For You", and "Epiphany" it has sold 5x Platinum in america. They released "14 shades of grey" in 2003. Frontman Aaron lewis had a daughter now and wrote songs about her. it spawned the hits "So Far Away", and "Price To Play". In 2005 they released there 5th album "Chapter V" which has sold platinum and held the gold selling single "Right Here". they released "The singles" in 2006 with a remastered version of "Come Again" which was on "Tormented" and in 2008 they released "Illusion of Progress" which they called there most musical album. Staind is a great band with emotional lyrics and are one of the best bands out there.
"I got the new staind album"
"Yeah, So did i"
by Raw Faith October 26, 2009
A band whose songs all sound the fucking same. Plagued with filler-tracks. Staind, along with Puddle of Mudd and Nickelback, is a mediocre nu-metal band that contributes to the mundane sound of today's rock music. Boycott this crap.
I hope Staind's new album will be as good as the last one... wait, of course it will be, because it'll be the same thing again!
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 02, 2004

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