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A derogatory name for blacks, which only members of that race may use without getting the shit beaten out of them. The only curse would that is allowed to be heard on channels such as Comedy Central, as long as it's used by a brother
Look at the nigger o'er there, building ma house. *puts on white hood*. Lets get 'im Jeb.
by shooter August 03, 2005
one who practices the world's oldest monotheistic religion
Jesus was a Jew, douche
by shooter August 03, 2005
synonymous to a really really hot asian chick.
DUDE! Check out that mai.
by shooter January 21, 2005
"Time For Prints". Photography expression meaning the model will get prints of the shots for their time spent modelling.
This is not a paid shoot. It's TFP.
by Shooter August 26, 2004
(v.) the sensless murder of a humorous statement

to take a joke too far
4th grade
Teacher: And the cow jumped over the moon.

1st person: (To Friends)The cow jumped over her fat ass (laughs)

2nd person: Yeah, and the cow jumped over her fat legs too!

Bystander: man you really greifed that one
by shooter June 03, 2004
the vehicle of choice for cubans attempting to enter the united states illegally through Florida.
cuban chicks must be fugly! Thats the 160309540808e-2 raft i have seen this week!
by shooter August 03, 2005
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