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a band that simply kicks ass. needs more respect and recognition. has a vast style of songs, which describe betrayal, depression as well as salvation that can be found through a loved one. not some sappy ass band that just bitches about how fucked up the world is and that it sucks, but staind tries to inspire the audience to make it through, as bad as it may seem.
"ive had doubts i have failed ive fucked up ive had plans doesnt mean i should take my life with my own hands"
staind owns ass.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
A very kick ass band. Wonderful melodies and great riffs.
"Is it StainD or Staind?"
by Kamran A December 27, 2003
Great hard rock band. A little slow, but they definately make you think about life.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Everyone who has posted a meaning for Staind is an idiot pretty much...even the people who did not bad mouth them...they don't sound like any other band...and if you say they do then you obviously don't really listen to music...Aaron Lewis's lyrics are a lot deeper than most bands...and I don't know any other lead singer that sounds like him...Secondly...Mike Mushok is like one of the best guitarists out there right now...whoever it was who said their tabs are easy...well ur an idiot...I'd like to see you play them...look in megazines...Mushok is always considered one of the top guitar players...their music is unique...doesn't sound like anyone else either...and to people who like staind that have posted on here...well have any of you actually heard any of their other albums besides Break The Cycle and 14 Shades of Grey? Their first two albums (Tormented and Dysfunction) were harder...and I don't really consider them too main stream...yes they are getting to be main stream...but I am not seeing them all over MTV like someone else said...I haven't even seen a video for their last 3 releases...So Far Away was the last video I saw of theirs...If you don't like the music...don't fuck listen to it...and yeah they were around before Godsmack too you moron...Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were both awesome bands...but Staind sounds like neither...anybody who really listens to them knows they are unique and don't really sound like any other bands...
Staind will be releasing their 5th cd in late Fall.
by Don't Worry Bout This August 11, 2004
a Local band(at least to me) who deserves more recognition.
staind are cool.
by FhillyMan September 12, 2003
A great band that has great lyrics that meak you really think about life. consists od Aaron Lewis,Mike Mushok,Jon Wysocki, and Jonny "Ol'School" April.
"I know I'll di the right thing, if the right thing is revealed"
by person who knows his shit October 26, 2003
Staind is a unique band, they are not labled as Nu metal anymore, Staind is about how Aaron Lewis is Feeling..for instances in Tormented he was a drug head that hated himself for it, and he has Bad ass songs that is not soft at all. In Dysfunction his life is still shit and they get a record deal or something like that from Limp Bizkits Fred Durst which helped there name come out in public and be noticed, in Break the Cycle he is clearing his life and breaking all his bad habits like he says in one of his songs i think. In that new one 14 Shades of grey, he has a daughter now (zoe Jane) and sings his feelings in melodies with fuckin great gurtarists... and if you are a wanna be fan like most people of staind there 4 cd's, not just 14 shade of grey and break the cycle.
Staind is by far the most kick ass band i have ever known
by Doug November 23, 2004

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