A general nickname for anyone who has a tendency to be a bit slow. Usually, this nickname will go to someone by the name of Murphy.

The original Spud was Joe "Spud" Murphy, founder of the Tayto crisp company and inventor of the Cheese and Onion crisp.

The Spud from Trainspotting was also a Murphy.
Oi! Spud! Get over here!
by Snake December 11, 2005
Testicles. Often used to describe where the Castle Guards hit contestants on Takeshi's Castle's "Bridgeball"
She kicked me right in the spuds
by Stubbs May 18, 2004
A person who is boring like a potato or doesn't understand a joke
I don't like Andy he is such a spud
by Random_Dude_592058 April 09, 2015
A person as dumb as a sack of potatoes.
Did you see Jack walk into that window? He's such a spud.
by boomftleah June 24, 2014
a potato(see also sofa spud)
His mom made the best baked spuds ever.
by Light Joker December 18, 2004
A person of lesser intelligence who often deems feats of numskull, clandestine and neanderthal behaviors are more valuable to the propagation of humanity than common sense. Usually found with shaven heads and brags of "this one time" stories.
Matt always has to flex his forearms and talk about "fisting". What a fucking spud
by Vivimord April 27, 2015
1. Someone who is in a constant state of being dirty or unhygienic, so much so that the person is usually left out of physical and/or social activities in fear that the spud will cramp there style. 2. Used to describe an ugly or unattractive person.
1. "have you seen that new kid today?" "what the one that smells like shit?" "Yeah, what a spuuuud"

2. "Woah look at that Hotty!" "WHAT!!?, dude, she's spud"
by pseudonym321123 November 07, 2010

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