Irish slang for Potatoes.
Didja grow yer spuds in deh roit season?

(Translation: Have you planted your potatoes in the right season?)
by karlenohwhirl January 07, 2011
Affectionate term for a baby or small child. The history of this phrase is lost in the mists of time but possibly stems from the slang term for potato. Two children may be referred to as Spud and Spud junior.
"Back in a minute, I am just going to check on Spud and Spud junior"
by Rob. Holton June 07, 2013
A hole in a sock. This is due to the appearance of the foot through that hole being likened to that of a potato. Most noticeable with heavy contrasts of skin colour to sock colour. This may well be a south of Britain colloquial term, but this hasn't been firmly established.
"Why don't you take your shoes off?"

"My socks are covered in spuds."

"I don't think I've got one sock in my drawer that ain't got a spud in it."
by Squid'N'Onion September 30, 2011
The opposite of a chode.

A particularly long and slender penis, often characterized by an abnormally large tip.
Conrad: Ahh! Dude, there's a snake in your bed and it looks ready to strike!

Langden: Cool out, that's just my spud, I've got morning wood!
by Birdmanskii October 05, 2009
A general nickname for anyone who has a tendency to be a bit slow. Usually, this nickname will go to someone by the name of Murphy.

The original Spud was Joe "Spud" Murphy, founder of the Tayto crisp company and inventor of the Cheese and Onion crisp.

The Spud from Trainspotting was also a Murphy.
Oi! Spud! Get over here!
by Snake December 11, 2005
Slang for clipless cycling pedals. It originated from a corruption of the initials SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamcs), which was expanded as an acronym to become "spud". Now it is used more generally when referring to clipless pedals, regardless of brand.
You should fix yourself up with some spuds.
by rutrophil February 21, 2012
Testicles. Often used to describe where the Castle Guards hit contestants on Takeshi's Castle's "Bridgeball"
She kicked me right in the spuds
by Stubbs May 18, 2004

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