A person of lesser intelligence who often deems feats of numskull, clandestine and neanderthal behaviors are more valuable to the propagation of humanity than common sense. Usually found with shaven heads and brags of "this one time" stories.
Matt always has to flex his forearms and talk about "fisting". What a fucking spud
by Vivimord April 27, 2015
noun: A person, usually male, who is not all there
"Get your fingers away from that chainsaw ya spud"
by MCAVgirl October 27, 2013
1. A game played by bros. It occurs usually when one bro is caught unaware with his hand in a fist, and another bro comes along and "spuds" the unaware fist. This is called an unconsented spud and causes the bro in question to lose bro points, and the bro who did the "spudding" to increase bro points.
When the bro has had a significant amount of bro points deducted, he is no longer cool and is deemed a "quigley"

A consented spuds incur no loss of points to either bro, but increase both by a small amount. They have been know to be referred to as "safe" and are usually used when meeting or greeting another bro.
Bro 1: I just spudded that bro into oblivion.
Bro 2: So much so that he's a quigley?
Bro 1: Awww yeah-a
by milesspudmaster. August 31, 2011
1. Someone who is in a constant state of being dirty or unhygienic, so much so that the person is usually left out of physical and/or social activities in fear that the spud will cramp there style. 2. Used to describe an ugly or unattractive person.
1. "have you seen that new kid today?" "what the one that smells like shit?" "Yeah, what a spuuuud"

2. "Woah look at that Hotty!" "WHAT!!?, dude, she's spud"
by pseudonym321123 November 07, 2010
1. To catch someone's ball in a four square match before the ball reaches the ground

2. To squirt an unidentified liquid on one's face
Get spudded on

You just got spudded on

Don't worry I hear spud clears up acne

There's spudding everywhere!
by Mighty Kites August 08, 2008
A woman whom is typically large, lazy and bossy and during sex is very unproductive and tends to "Just lay there and take it" resembling a sack of spuds making the intercourse very one sided.
"Urgh I took this girl back to mine last night and she was a total Spuds!"
by Super Cat Man December 21, 2013
a word used to call something for personal gain or to avoid doing something.the first person to declare spud is the winner or does not have to do the task. everyone else present must proceed to say spud. the last person to say spud must do the task. commonly used in groups of stoned people. similiar to calling spliff when done smoking and your going to pass it on. spliff!...spliff!
someone offers end of their food.. spudthat!!

someone knocks at the door.. spudnot me!! in reference to getting up to answer the door
by smoky37 August 09, 2010
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