Sam Cunnington from Good Will Hunting
Audience member 1: Why's the drummer look funny?
Audience member 2: His a spud!
by CheesePantsMcGee August 22, 2012
1. A game played by bros. It occurs usually when one bro is caught unaware with his hand in a fist, and another bro comes along and "spuds" the unaware fist. This is called an unconsented spud and causes the bro in question to lose bro points, and the bro who did the "spudding" to increase bro points.
When the bro has had a significant amount of bro points deducted, he is no longer cool and is deemed a "quigley"

A consented spuds incur no loss of points to either bro, but increase both by a small amount. They have been know to be referred to as "safe" and are usually used when meeting or greeting another bro.
Bro 1: I just spudded that bro into oblivion.
Bro 2: So much so that he's a quigley?
Bro 1: Awww yeah-a
by milesspudmaster. August 31, 2011
When two people have said the same thing at the exact same time. Usually occurs with twins, best friends or soulmates.
Joe and Jim are twins having a chat about a girl-

Joe and Jim- she was sooooo fuckin peng man

Joe- hahahahhaa spud!!!!!
by Ez mcfezzz November 29, 2010
A name for someone who is a scottish pervert.
Spud liked to look at ladies boobies, as he is the skid mark on the underpants of the 10 tonne man
by Mr UnImpreza July 11, 2010
A terrible disease you can contract from having sex with someone whose face resembles a potato
"man that jake scott got the spuds after fucking her."
by hakjghjgjhksdghklgds October 18, 2008
The smalliest boy in a group. Can be used to refer to any of your short piers. Originating from Spud Webb.
"I'm too short to go on that ride."

"Let the big boys get on, Spud!"
by NeighborhoodEXCLUsive May 26, 2008
A person who tells many lies to different people. Also quite pervy. Gullable and naive. Also cannot realise when he is being laughed at or when he is stupid.
Enjoys a futer
also see idiot
He is so stupid, he's a spud.
He's a spud, he fell off the wall.
Told me lies, spud.
by mellowangel June 06, 2009

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