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A terrible disease you can contract from having sex with someone whose face resembles a potato
"man that jake scott got the spuds after fucking her."
by hakjghjgjhksdghklgds October 18, 2008
Friendly term like "pal" or "bud".
Yo, spud...what's up?
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
A person who tells many lies to different people. Also quite pervy. Gullable and naive. Also cannot realise when he is being laughed at or when he is stupid.
Enjoys a futer
also see idiot
He is so stupid, he's a spud.
He's a spud, he fell off the wall.
Told me lies, spud.
by mellowangel June 06, 2009
The smalliest boy in a group. Can be used to refer to any of your short piers. Originating from Spud Webb.
"I'm too short to go on that ride."

"Let the big boys get on, Spud!"
by NeighborhoodEXCLUsive May 26, 2008
Any young individul who has not hit puberty and therefore does not have any hair on his balls. Also, any person whose penis resembles that of a 14 year old's.
Wow Spud, I finally realized why you as a senior is still able to get with all the freshmen girls. They think that you are there age because of your small dick and hairless balls.
by Pimp Master "P" March 02, 2008
refers to sexual behavior or attraction between males of the same sex. As a sexual orientation, spudism refers to "having sexual and romantic attraction primarily or exclusively to members of one’s own gender", this is also occassionionally referred to as being a "raging homosexual" or as in the science field as "peterism".

Undoubtedly this has long been considered a blight upon the human population, with many refusing to accept this terminology in common culture.

The word has origins arising out of a small rural area near strabane in Co. Tyrone, Ireland.
Oh my gosh!! That young fellow is displaying quite a few spudish tendencies.
by Daniel Shipley February 11, 2009
Spud is a potato also a vegtable
a round brown ball a spud
by Kin kade April 03, 2007