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Best brand of crisps ever. Synonymous with crisps in Ireland. The inventors of Cheese and Onion in 1954, has been ripped off by every English crisp company, but never equalled. Excellent for a hangover when combined with a bottle of Lucozade.
Give us a bag of Taytos, bud.
by Snake May 09, 2005
Irish crisps... We don't ask for Crisps.. we ask for a bag of "Taytos"
by Cully April 01, 2003
Tayto's...a shorter version and awesome persons word for potato. Only losers call them potato.
I just had Tayto's for lunch!
by livkdb22 November 03, 2011
a slang term used ONLY in pittsburgh/homewood/penn hills/ wilkinsburg/verona that means "oral sex"
guy #1- yo she bust out the tayto on me last night!!
guy#2- naww cuuu!!! for real??

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