a substitue for a curse word, or used as it's own word as an insult itself.

a random word brought up in the middle of a conversation to get attention.
"You spoot-head!"

"This spooty microwave isn't working. Err!"

Jan: "So I was at the mall the other day."
Danial: "Really? What stores you goto?"
Jesse: "Spoot."
Jan & Daniel: "What did you say?"
Jesse: "Spoot. Just spoot."
Jan & Danial: "What's that mean?"
by Jesse Clark January 29, 2003
Shit, crap, curse, poo, caca.
You spoot-face.

Holy Spoot!

Don't be a spoot-head
by Jambi-The-Mute August 08, 2006
slang term for fart, or farting
I just spooted!

Smelly spoot!
by James Byron Dean May 25, 2005
another term to describe semen
i spooted on you last night.
by derek March 14, 2005
Originally from the show Angry Beavers,it could be a substitute for swearing or surprise.

"I won the lottery! SPOOT!"

by TheWiggidy October 12, 2003
A word with no real meaning that has been used in scrabble under very suspect circumstances.
"Aaron are you fucking serious? Spoots isn't a fucking word! Dude, if i can't use 'uzi' then you can't use spoots. Pffft, fucking spoots."
by Brettüs February 24, 2006
Spoot is semen. Angry beavers are overly red, chafed vaginas. I've never heard of this show, but I know these words, and I have a feeling the creators of the show were putting us on with not-so-in-jokes.
Verb- Hot females make me spoot.
Noun- You got spoot all over the couch.
by Darius Sunofovich December 24, 2004

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