noun -
~nickname for one you have affection for, especially a boyfriend or girlfriend
~used mostly by girls, but it is acceptable for a guy to call his girlfriend a spoot (it is suggested that he be sure she will not understand it with the older definition, which replaces cuss words)
Girl to boyfriend - "You are a crazy spoot ;)"
by CDragon April 26, 2007
An exclamation of total awe, or frustration. Also used in placed or curse words.
"Aah, spoot!"

"... What the spoot..."

"Well spoot me up!"

"Well spoot me down!"

"Silence, spooty bottom-ball"
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 17, 2003
Spoot. v. To fart while releasing sperm from the anus. Frequently experienced for periods of up to six hours after the conclusion of bareback anal sex.

Spoot is a compound word comprised of sperm and toot, similar to shart (shit + fart).
R: I'm spooting!
D: Ewwwww.... and you're not even wearing underwear!
R: Sheesh, I'm on the toilet.

As a noun:
D: Dear Lord, that was a massive spoot! Do you need a tissue?
R: I need a twat mop.
by Dr. Awesome Man February 05, 2010
a slang term for passing gas out of the buttox. Its original use was by a frenchman commenting on an awful smell.
dont spoot, go outside to spoot, who spooted.
by hujubuj September 13, 2008
A more friendly word for shit
I just beat the spoot out of you.
by Matt May 28, 2004
Spoot is when spooge hits something, it makes a "spoot" noise.
Eww, she has spoot all over her breasts.
by Calvin Negro March 04, 2008
Originating in the March 6th 2008 SSC I Hate This Guild's SSC run. Canadian born Klezleburg's attempt at pronouncing the english word "Spout" as in "Water Spout".

Klezleburg: Becarefull of Lurkers Spoot!
Guild: Do you mean Spout?
Klezleburg: SPOOT! SPOOT!

by Jbals316 March 07, 2008

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