Another word for cum or semen. It's more polite and no one REALLY knows what you are talking about.
Dude, you got some spoot on me!
by Abby May 07, 2005
1. Name given to disenfranchised youth that tend to congregate around pixelated palm trees and talk about bodily functions.

2. Proper name of the tree that spoots (1.) congregate around.

3. Relating to the postition 54,80 in Allegra Island, Furcadia.
1. That filthy Spoot, Vlin, he stole my melons!

2-3. I will meet you at the Spoot for tea and crumpets. *poot*
by Driver January 28, 2004
Spoot is another word for non offence porn.
Pics of half naked people is a spoot.
by Tyrone85 August 14, 2005
Ubah-ness, the top dog of any spot, people might hate you but respect you for your spootive-ness!
GRRRR! You suxors, stop stealing my mobs, you SPOOT!

One day I wanna be a spoot too!
by Spooter May 02, 2003
As in giving a salute for that person
"Spoot Salute!"
by MeLoN December 24, 2003

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