a descriptive term for the amount of ejaculate that is blown after previuosly having had a (generally male) orgasm.
i had a wank but wasn't satisfied. on round 2 i just went SPOOT!
by neologising punk July 15, 2009
A toot that spits. A wet fart that leaves a residue on, but not limited to clothing.
Was that a spoot or just a toot?; Uh oh! I just spooted.; A mother complained to her child that he should wipe his ass after he took a shit. She was tired of cleaning the spoot from his underwear when she did his laundry.
by John E. Petersen November 09, 2007
Stupid;Dumb;Doesn't know what's goin on....
You stupid Spooting spootyheaded spoot head! You don't know anything!
by Sarah March 06, 2004
An exclaimation of disappointment or excitement
Spoot! I wanted to do that!
by GenEX June 19, 2003
interj. As in very cool, or boss.
Spoot! That's awesome!
by Jb Hook May 13, 2002
Spoot is a common word for the mollusc that inhabits the razor shell.
They are a delicacy but very difficult to catch as they burrow very quickly into the sand when disturbed

It is a Scottish word that has been used for a very long time.
I'm going doon the beach tae find some spoots fer ma dinner.
by David Higson July 05, 2005
From the nick cartoon "angry beavers" it's a mix of the words sh*t and poo
shut up spoot head!
by spoothead January 23, 2004

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