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Words that have been deemed inappropriate and you dont normally hear in public or "normal" conversation. Fun to use and you get to watch people over-react when you scream "FUCK" at the top of your lungs.
by Reverend FootJoy July 14, 2004
a word used to piss people off....

fuck, shit, bitch, uncle fucker, muther fucker, donkey raping shit eater, ass, skank, slut, hoe, whore, Barbra Streisand, dildo, condom, fagget, fagget-ass, horny-ass, fucker, gringo, nigger, wetback, kraker, Brittney Spears vagina, cockmaster, suck my balls mr.garrison, mrs.chokesondik, pussy, asshole, and FUCK YOU!!! those are cuss words
by InuYashaFreak64 from youtube September 27, 2007
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