To metaphorically ejaculate over something incredibally good, or to be pleased to hear some good news. - or used as a term to physically ejaculate.
I Spaffed on her face/tits/bumhole!
by Slipknot Mike June 16, 2006
Spaffing is the act of simulating an ejaculation by spitting on a partners back, this is most commonly used in stage one of a houdini.
hadrian spaffed all over coxy's back last night, coxy swears to god he thought he'd came! then coxy turned round and bang! pirate eye!
by d to a the to the n-n-y February 09, 2007
also known as spunk, jizz, baby batter, cum, spooge or man juice
if you spaff on my face ONCE MORE, i'm gonna get really angry
by lizie May 01, 2003
the act of ejaculaction
i tell a lie i did spaff on her tits
by badman April 03, 2003
spunk, jizz, cum, semen, sperm, eager little swimmers, tadpoles, wee men, jizzum, spunk.
the end result of shaking hands with the wookie.
by Tom Thirwall August 30, 2003
1. (n.) Sperm

2. (v.) to Sperm

3. (v.) to fuck up
1. I find bounty to be the only truly effective method of absorbing my spaff.

2. Oh my god, I'm so sorry but I've spaffed in your otherwise delicious macaroni cheese.

3. You've proper spaffed that up. Boyo.
by Thos October 02, 2004
Noun. Ejaculate. Most commonly used in the forums of internet community Project Rockstar. While it is generally found in its noun form, it can also be used as an exclamation, in asterisks to denote an action, upon reading something which might cause the production of spaff to occur.
Also: Ladyspaff. The female equivalent of spaff.
"My bra's far too tight. I might have to take it off."

by Biscuit Buscemi October 02, 2005

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