to hump, grope, rub on, fuck, excite, which usually ends in a sburro (see sburro)
We SPAFFED the pecora and puzzolente all night

eh Shmeeka so drunk she's topless..."SPAFFF!!!"

We don't go to the mall we dont go out to eat, all that we ever do is SPAFF in the sheets...

What do you do with any chick whos not girlfriend material, but has tits and an ass??? SPAFFFFFFFF!!!
by Master Cazzo April 18, 2008
to slap your dick on a womans face (the other definitions are wrong)
I spaffed your mother last night. She received a good spaffing.
by o_O~ April 21, 2004
To metaphorically ejaculate over something incredibally good, or to be pleased to hear some good news. - or used as a term to physically ejaculate.
I Spaffed on her face/tits/bumhole!
by Slipknot Mike June 16, 2006
Spaffing is the act of simulating an ejaculation by spitting on a partners back, this is most commonly used in stage one of a houdini.
hadrian spaffed all over coxy's back last night, coxy swears to god he thought he'd came! then coxy turned round and bang! pirate eye!
by d to a the to the n-n-y February 09, 2007
spunk, jizz, cum, semen, sperm, eager little swimmers, tadpoles, wee men, jizzum, spunk.
the end result of shaking hands with the wookie.
by Tom Thirwall August 30, 2003
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