Girls love juice, guys spunk, girls spaff....
Upon seeing a fit man/woman "I just spaffed in my pants"

"They are totally spaffing!"
by Nocturnal Eccentric December 29, 2009
spaffing. the action of overshooting when accelerating and never reaching the target.
descriptive term applied in particular to boid movements.
boid1 wants to get to boid2. with each step it takes towards boid2, the steps get larger, so it will eventually go past boid2, whereupon each step will get smaller until the steps become negative and boid1 reverses direction and moves towards boid2 again, it step it takes getting larger, and so forth. boid1 will continue spaffing around boid2 forever. incidentaly, the 'shape' of its movement is a sin wave.
by barn March 07, 2005
stuff you can't bring yourself to throw away -possessions with no discernible value other than to the owner

used in rave/squatting culture since mid 90's
got to sort out the spaff mountain - there must be stuff the charity shop would want and we can recycle the rest
by richard November 09, 2004
Man fat
He contemplated her visage, as he watched the viscous spaff form a pearl necklace about her pert J's
by Suche December 16, 2002
To cockslap, as it were.
One with an enormously large penis could potentially spaff a city, sending skyscrapers tumbling (imagine if the planes that flew into the World Trade Center were a giant penis--that would be a a city-spaffing.)


He finished rocking the crib with a swift spaff of the baby.
by Nate March 10, 2005
to hump, grope, rub on, fuck, excite, which usually ends in a sburro (see sburro)
We SPAFFED the pecora and puzzolente all night

eh Shmeeka so drunk she's topless..."SPAFFF!!!"

We don't go to the mall we dont go out to eat, all that we ever do is SPAFF in the sheets...

What do you do with any chick whos not girlfriend material, but has tits and an ass??? SPAFFFFFFFF!!!
by Master Cazzo April 18, 2008
to slap your dick on a womans face (the other definitions are wrong)
I spaffed your mother last night. She received a good spaffing.
by o_O~ April 21, 2004

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