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A saying invented by the very creative and talented artist known only as Jessicka from London. The saying refers to the obvious loss of much property.
'Oh my God, I gave that guy a twenty and only got 5 change, that's bare muggage'
'Nah, bruv you just got jacked, haha dats bare muggage like'
'Wow, that man just fell into that pit teaming with hungry crocodiles, that's bare muggage.'
by LukeSpaffy October 28, 2006
A synonym for 'Air Pie' first created by a girl named Jessicka in london, the word has since become popularised in local youth cultures and is at the moment the hottest thing around.
'Don't gimme no oxygen cakes bruv'
'nah blud, you ent givin me dem oxygen cakez'
'Brother, could you please refrain from providing me with oxygen cakes?, thanks.'
by LukeSpaffy October 28, 2006
A word often used by a girl to describe a boy whom she feels affection for.
'Hey Spaffy, Could you be nice and pick me up?'
'Yo, Spaff!'
by LukeSpaffy October 28, 2006

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