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from Roger's Profanisorus, Viz.

a style of fellatio; an exuberant blowjob
...and there was Vera, on her knees, at his cock like a dog eating hot chips...
by barn March 09, 2005
a better miracle than wine to water; written with no spaces after a bristol band who coined the phrase.
common to the southwest of England.
... and jesus turned lead to wine

... hey, its the guys from leadtowine!
by barn March 09, 2005
spaffing. the action of overshooting when accelerating and never reaching the target.
descriptive term applied in particular to boid movements.
boid1 wants to get to boid2. with each step it takes towards boid2, the steps get larger, so it will eventually go past boid2, whereupon each step will get smaller until the steps become negative and boid1 reverses direction and moves towards boid2 again, it step it takes getting larger, and so forth. boid1 will continue spaffing around boid2 forever. incidentaly, the 'shape' of its movement is a sin wave.
by barn March 07, 2005
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