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v. to send a person in training for a job on the actual job due to an emergency situation. Named after the movie "Space Camp".
Dude, I've only been studying anatomy for a week, and they made me do heart surgery! They totally spacecamped me!
by Duncan September 29, 2005
Used when someone is completely out of it. They are in their own world, like spacecamp.

Also used to identify someone with a blank expression.
what the hell happened to Max", "I don't know, he must be in space camp.
by interstate May 25, 2011
Sexual position combining fierce DVDA with double bagging.
Me, Mike, Ciaran and Dave straight went to space camp on that girl last night. It was weird cuz our dongs touched, but I would totally do it again. Thank god we double bagged so we didn't burn up upon re-entry
by radius May 04, 2008