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That gorgeous babe who loves you as much as you love him. He's totally outgoing, crazy, funny, awesome, adventurous, and a total hunk :)
He listens to your problems. and help you resolve them. He want you to be happy and not sad. When you're upset, he gets upset. He can't stand to see you cry. But he's the one who will be there for you when you need a hug, and someone to rely on.
OMG Ciaran is a babe.
by essee0608 October 26, 2010
a sexy-licious irishmen who has an extremely nice jelly which leah-anne should keep her nasty paws off. anyways, back to ciaran. he has a very advanced case of sexy-itis. you get the picture.

i lub my ciaran i do!
"damn! look at ciaran!! o how i want him!!"
"well why dont you get off yer arse and seduce
by deedles March 10, 2005
A name of Irish descent meaning "little dark one." Ciarans are really cute, good-looking guys who can make you laugh anyday, and are easy to agree with. They'll take your side no matter what, but also like to tease you playfully. They're the ones you find yourself staring at in class, unbeknownst to even yourself. They're the best friends you can have, and who knows, you might just have to sweets for him, but you just might not know it.
Ciaran loves to tease everybody, then hug them afterwards.
by inksplattergirl December 28, 2010
Ciaran: a sexy beast with a high sex drive and low tolerance for fools
ciaran has some sexy moves wen he's drunk
by CASUALISMYNAME:))))))))))))))) October 20, 2010
Ciaran: That guy who can be found barking outside a neighbours house,pretending to be a dog..for reasons unknown to some :)
omg did u hear that huskie barking??

oh no ..ur mistaken it is in fact ciaran pretending to be a dog..
by 14yearoldhottie October 18, 2010
the best soccer player and so fast also pulls all the chicks
"oh my gosh that guy just skilled everyone i bet ya his name is ciaran"
by 99PACE June 06, 2015
Ciaran; a vietcong hooker that don't give a shit about stds..
ciaran =]
by punkasskid November 28, 2010

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