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3 definitions by radius

A toothbrush kept in a woman's bathroom that is used exclusively by the men who sleep over at her place.
babe, last night was awesome, but I have to go to work. Do you have a dudebrush I can use to freshen up?
by radius April 01, 2008
Having sex with a woman who is menstruating. The 'Yolk' is a reference to the female ovum.
Dude 1: Man, I wanted to bang that chick last night, but she was on the rag.

Dude 2: Lame. Why didn't you just poke the yolk?
by radius July 25, 2008
Sexual position combining fierce DVDA with double bagging.
Me, Mike, Ciaran and Dave straight went to space camp on that girl last night. It was weird cuz our dongs touched, but I would totally do it again. Thank god we double bagged so we didn't burn up upon re-entry
by radius May 04, 2008