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Kurt Cobain's "alter-ego". He used it when he wasn't feeling himself.
his twisted and sarcastic sense of humor
by a fan March 22, 2003
THE BAND: sings remixes of adle vice and original compositions; some of which include: "Dinner is on the table" a Southern anthem, "Penis here, Penis there": one woman's opinioin of the roll of men's reproductive organs in society, "Down with Bush" the honest song about the defective Republican party, and others . . . check them out.
That cool band Weenis makes some chill jams!
by a fan December 18, 2004
Don't think that spending five seconds finding out how to pronounce 'Sigur Rós' is too good for the American media, it's much easier to just sound like an ignorant testicle head and say it how it's written than it is to take an intelligent guess and know that it's probably not 'si-Gur roS,' but some Icelandic alternative, such as the correct 'see-ur rose.'
"Sigur Rós's music is atmospheric and inspiring"

"How the sod would you know, you can't even pronounce their name properly. Try going away and listening to Ágætis Byrjun more than the one quick listen in your Mercedes on the way to your studio, and come back when you have something better to say."
by A Fan July 28, 2004
(pn); Patriotic, and loyal scene hipster, with a sharp tounge, and a feverish hatred of the narrow minded.
See Also: Erstwhile Pretty Boy.
"Some tool was acting the fool, and Stratohead came along and pimp slapped the taste right of out of the mullets mouth."
by a fan September 26, 2003
The best guild to ever play Dark Age of Camelot, ever. Headed by Ghettoo, Holajr, and Snoogles, this guild was unstoppable and is forever remembered as the greatest to ever play Dark Age of Camelot.
Oh shit, it's Free Rps, flee.
by A Fan April 18, 2005
Art Of Noise were a brilliant group of musicians who made music from sampled sounds stored on their Fairlight sampler. Couple that with some synthesizers and a simmons electronic drum kit and the genius of J.J Jezalik and Anne Dudley, then you have the best sound your ears will ever experience.
In No Sense, Nonsense and The Seduction Of Claude Debussey are my favourite Art Of Noise Albums
by A Fan February 26, 2005
The one, the only World Monarch. Hot redhaired writer chick with a bangup sense of humor and fifteen times the sex appeal of most "normal" women.
Dayamn, that ImpQueen is HOT.
by A Fan December 12, 2004

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