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Putting two condoms on a penis before sexual activity.
John thinks that double bagging gives him more protection when picking up prostitutes, even though Steve told him that the rubbers will wear each other down.
by JayRoc October 12, 2007
Putting a carrier-bag inside a carrier-bag to provide extra strength.
I was double bagging down tescos last night. Their carriers are flimsy as. Noway was one of those boys gonna carry my milk home without it exploding everywhere.
by ThePeary October 05, 2011
Similar to the act of brown bagging. Two bags are needed. One puts a bag over the girls head and then puts one over his own head in case the girl's bag falls off and he would have been unpleasantly forced to see her busted face.
-Yo broski, i'm drunk as fuck, horney as wilt chamberlain, and this girl is sweatin my nuts like a fat guy in a sauna; but she looks like christopher walken.
-No worries bro! Every thought about double bagging? It's the best thing since the fleshlight!
-Good idea, thanks shameless frat guy!

-Aww shit...i have been shotgunning maddog 20/20 and Vladies Vodka for six hours, i havnt gotten laid in a fortnight, this bitch will take it in the ass like ava devine, but her face resembles Steve Buscemi...good thing i don't have a soul and i'm down for double bagging anytime night or day, summer or winter, guy or girl!
- those who don't rep the durst
To use 2 teabags to make a cup of tea, to strengthen the flavour
"Hey Ruth, are we double bagging?"
"Of course, no weak tea for me"
by brewbag October 01, 2011
Similar to stoner 69, but for one person. A hit is taken by a lonely stoner, who then exhales into a plastic bag, and then inhales from the bag, often multiple times in succession. This is a very efficient way to smoke marijuana because so much thc content is not absorbed by the lungs when smoking.
Shit, I only have two hits left. I guess I will have to go double bagging again.
by grandcorbeau September 11, 2010
When you are eating your own packet of crisps and decide to pinch someone elses too.
Holley: *munch munch munch*
Cath: *looks at Holley...munch munch..steals her crisps*
by HolleyM December 14, 2010
putting on two or more pairs of underwear to hide erections produced by foreplay that you know for a fact will not lead to sexual activity.
im going over jills later, but her parents will be home, so im double bagging it so we can mess around without me being a little embarrassed.
by Alexanderr December 08, 2006
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