A word used to describe someone who is so cool, that words like "cool" or "awesome" just don't do them justice. It stands for Super Overly Amazing Person-ness
Dude, you microwaved your hamster AND put your frog in a blender?!?!?! You're so fucking S.O.A.P!!!!
by Malevolent Cantaloupe February 15, 2013
a funny,hilarious man who annoys the fuck out of you
hey man, Don is funny as hell, but hes been a real soap lately.
by unknown skate man November 30, 2011
verb: a process in films and games in which a protagonist (hero) is incapacitated and in the face of the antagonist (bad guy) with no hope of any reprieve. Then the protagonist miraculously gets hold of a lethal weapon and kills the antagonist. Word coming from John "Soap" MacTavish of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. He did a soap twice.
Stop soaping! Your starting to seem imortal!
by I'm-the-moon December 05, 2010
Stands for "SOME OBJECT AROUND PENIS." More specifically, it refers to condoms.
Hey man, did you use S.O.A.P. last night? I need to go to CVS and pick up some S.O.A.P.. Did you steal my last bar of S.O.A.P.?
by objectivist March 01, 2010
An adjetive that describes something Totally Gnarley or awesome
Awe brohh those are some soap waves
by Dpoole167 June 26, 2011
A brand of sneaker with a removable slick plastic plate in the soles, under the arch of the foot. The plate enabled the wearer to grind on rails and edges without the aid of skates or a board. Style-wise, they tended to be pretty chunky looking, similar to skate shoes, but were probably not as comfortible. They were cool for only a few months in 1998-99, but were popular enough to cause concern among parents and schools. Succeeded by Heelys a couple years later, which had heel-mounted weels and were uglier and even less comfortible. Soaps is now a defunct maker.
Haha, my cousin saved up for a vintage pair of Soaps and broke his jaw the first week after he got 'em!
by gooberliberation January 04, 2006
Supporter of Athletic People: People who hang out with athletes who are not athletes themselves
Is that your teammate? No, that's Emmy's friend Melissa, she's a SOAP. Oh...
by A coach April 19, 2011

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