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Something you drop in the jail shower if you want to have a good time.
Nick: Hey Liam, I dropped the soap in the shower and John cleaned my ass.

Liam: Well that's something.
by AntiVenom February 04, 2012
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Supporter of Athletic People: People who hang out with athletes who are not athletes themselves
Is that your teammate? No, that's Emmy's friend Melissa, she's a SOAP. Oh...
by A coach April 19, 2011
1 2
A person, usually one of large size, who tends to do nothing of significant productivity during the day. A soap's activities can include, but is not limited to; playing video games, watching tv, napping, and using the internet for countless hours.
Taylor is such a soap, he has been watching re-runs of the Reds on tv all day.
by lkjhgfdsaqwertyuiop June 26, 2008
10 12
The Process of S.O.A.P. :

1.)Have PROTECTED sex with a ginger and hold her hostage.

2.) Take used condon once you are done with intercourse. (Make sure it has alot of jizz in it.)

3.) Stuff shit into the condom, and freeze it with a sparkler, having the "sparkler wick" facing outward.

4.) Once the "poopsickle" is fully frozen, peel away the condom, leaving only the frozen poop.

5.) Stuff the frozen poop into the vagina of the hostage(with jizz size going in first.)

6.) Light the sparkler to melt the frozen jizz into the vagina, the Jizz will melt into the vagina impregnating the girl.

7.) When the hostiage is in labor, and when the head of the baby is visible, poop into the infants mouth, causing suffication that will lead to death.

8.) Let the hostiage go. :)
"What are you in here for?" - Cellmate
"I soaped a girl" - Cellmate II
"You mean---!?" - Cellmate

"Yes, I commited a Shockingly Offensive Abortion Process (S.O.A.P.) " - Cellmate II
by The Irishmen October 03, 2010
9 12
The best way of showing your confusion is asking someone this very simple question. Coined by a youtube poop
Fred: So I was looking at her nipples and then I did this thing with the blah blah blah....
Billy: SOAP?
by HUMBAR January 19, 2010
0 3
the thing that watches you when you shower
teh soap saw me nekkid
by kirbyy January 11, 2008
26 29

Meaning; Son of a Ass Pirate

Used to insult or joke with one who is the son of a Ass Pirate

Also see Ass Pirate
You stupid S.O.A.P!

Where is that S.O.A.P?
by Zeejaxx May 09, 2007
3 8