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when you are going to give someone some food but then when it is time to go give them the food you have already eated it, meaning there were to slow to collecting it
guy 1: hey i bouhgt you a cookie come and get it
guy 2:ok cool hang on ill come get it
............. 5 mins later.................
guy 2: ok im coming now
guy 1: sorry i already eated it!!
by becluvsscott August 16, 2006
What banks are after they are taken over by the FDIC. Coined by well-known liberal blogger Atrios.
"EATED: Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast, Cape Coral, FL gets EATED."
by dal20402 May 23, 2009
the past tense for the verb 'to eat'
Sally eated a banana yesterday
by mrlucky4444 February 14, 2009
past tense of eat, also eateded and ated
las' nite, i eated some ribs.
by diesel July 23, 2003
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