High Fives
- Did you smash it last night?

- Yeahno I abso totes smashed it last night dude. Me and Clarissa smugled in a bottle of rum each to the Todd Terje gig, got twisted, danced our tits off, scored on the dancefloor, dropped some pills, went back to this whopper house party, and when I woke up the lads were there to high five me.

- Sounds like a massive smash up dude. Fair play.
by A2dez September 26, 2011
to have sex! FUCK! do it! ect.
(word formed in the city of LUDLOW, KY)
I'd Smash it.
by your mom November 04, 2003
1) "Go out and smash it"- A line from a Black Eyed Peas song, which implies that they're going to go out of an evening and have a very good time.

2) What you do when your alarm clock just won't stop beeping, no matter what you do, or how many buttons you press.

3) To indulge in seriously hard sex
1) "Wanna 'go out and smash it? Like, oh my God?"

2) "Smash it! Just fucking smash it! I can't stand the noise anymore!"

3) "Man, did I smash it last night! My back is killing me!"
by MagickDio March 25, 2010
beat it/someone; "go fot it ", win, achieve something good and a lot more than you expected; shit all over a low score (in a positive way); became a legend in your own lunchtime; beat your personal best (PB) in gym terms
I will smsh it if I deadlift 200kg; I am going to smash my dad in the cycling race; good luck mate - smash it!!!
by hellC January 18, 2015
male masturbation

also: smashin' it (smashing it), as in presently masturbating
Nick: "so what do you do all day?"
Dan: "You know wake up, smash it. eat breakfast. smash it. wait around 'till lunch, maybe smash it to pass time. after lunch, go back and smash it. wait for dinner..."
Nick: "I can see where this is going..."
Dan "...L, l, l, let me finish...maybe smash it before dinner. then sit around, maybe smash it. you know while i sit around before bed?"
Nick: "yea...i know."
Dan: "yea...smashin' it...i spend a lot of time just smashin' it."
by sunchynna December 16, 2008
When you show a moment of pure joy and smash your forearms with a friend in a celebratory mode
WOW six flags was awesome !!! SMASH IT!!!
by Shibi7 September 29, 2009
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