Cool, hip, awesome, undeniably impressive, out of control, origin relating to the concept of making Tang slushies (you know you love it)
"Fun dip is slush, yo!"

"R Kelly's 'Trapped in the Closet'? Now that's slush."

"That snowfort with the drawbridge was slush!"
by NicRybies December 29, 2005
Dismay at ones misfortune
Nub1: "LOL you got locked out and we're not gonna let you in. hyea hyea hyea "

Nub2: " LEMME IN"

Nub1: "Nawh"

Nub2: "Ah man dats slush"
by breeeeeed May 06, 2008
intransitive verb:

1) (literal definition) to create man-foam (ejaculate)

2) to gush, i. e. to praise something highly or run your mouth about something you love


3) man-foam, man-milk, froth, etc.

4) the nasty grey stuff on roads after a snowstorm

5) scum, crap -- used to refer to something you dislike.
1) Person 1: Let's watch The Lion King 2!
Person 2: No, you bastard, the last time we watched that you slushed all over the screen.

2) Damn... Nick just won't stop slushing about The Boosh. I wish he'd stuff a muskrat down his throat.

3) You got slush all over my trenchcoat! I'm never lending you anything ever again.

4) Weather Man: Stay off the roads today, as there is a massively high probability of slush buildup.

5) That Frenchman is full of slush... I bet if we stuck a needle into his stomach it'd ooze frothy whiteness.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
English term for a vagina/fanny!
very descriptive word as it sounds wet!
used in a bad way or to insult
"If she carries on, i'll kick her in the slush"
by Russell Williams December 02, 2005
A cross between a slut and a lush...
"That drunkin whore is all over every guy in this bar." "Yeah she is, whata Slush."
by Ashleeeey November 04, 2005
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