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(n)1. semen, cum
(v) 2.to ejaculate
"She was beggin' for ma slush son!"
by Comedian Denis Donohue September 09, 2007
Dismay at ones misfortune
Nub1: "LOL you got locked out and we're not gonna let you in. hyea hyea hyea "

Nub2: " LEMME IN"

Nub1: "Nawh"

Nub2: "Ah man dats slush"
by breeeeeed May 06, 2008
intransitive verb:

1) (literal definition) to create man-foam (ejaculate)

2) to gush, i. e. to praise something highly or run your mouth about something you love


3) man-foam, man-milk, froth, etc.

4) the nasty grey stuff on roads after a snowstorm

5) scum, crap -- used to refer to something you dislike.
1) Person 1: Let's watch The Lion King 2!
Person 2: No, you bastard, the last time we watched that you slushed all over the screen.

2) Damn... Nick just won't stop slushing about The Boosh. I wish he'd stuff a muskrat down his throat.

3) You got slush all over my trenchcoat! I'm never lending you anything ever again.

4) Weather Man: Stay off the roads today, as there is a massively high probability of slush buildup.

5) That Frenchman is full of slush... I bet if we stuck a needle into his stomach it'd ooze frothy whiteness.
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
English term for a vagina/fanny!
very descriptive word as it sounds wet!
used in a bad way or to insult
"If she carries on, i'll kick her in the slush"
by Russell Williams December 02, 2005
half slut/skank - half lush
get offa me slush!!!
by Ian - Humphrey Wilder - C June 27, 2003
A cross between a slut and a lush...
"That drunkin whore is all over every guy in this bar." "Yeah she is, whata Slush."
by Ashleeeey November 04, 2005