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A slush is a girl who is both slutty and a lush. The two have often been interchangeable, in the sense that a girl who drinks a lot is often very promiscuous.
Matt: Jessica is such a slush. You could do way better.

David: Totally.
by Srharris February 13, 2012
To Drink, Or Consume Four Loko Malt Beverage.
Bro'' I Slush Hard As A Bitch ...
by RedRayvyn October 27, 2011
A marriage of "hot" and "cool", relaxed energy, hip, sexy mellow
Man, that Rhianna video was slush.
by Little_Elvis January 29, 2010
A sound effect for masturbation used specifically for females. It is synonymous with the word fap, except dedicated for females.
"Girl, are you slushing again?"
by CanIHasYourNumba123 January 09, 2010
Someone who becomes intoxicated off of very little alcohol - typically one glass of wine. Disorientation will ensue, and misuse of common words is possible. Use caution around persons of this nature as they have been known to ram walls with their heads.

May also be used as a verb: slushie.
Bill's such a slush!

Bill's getting pretty slushie off of that glass of wine.
by aaycap January 01, 2011
A sluty lush.
Everytime Jane goes to the bar she turns into a total Slush.
by Deli Jen July 16, 2008
A slush is when a person likes another person, but it isn't quite a crush, it is less. The person thinks something can happen and therefor tries to get the other person to like them in return.
Person A: I thnk I have a slush on a freshman!

Person B: Oh no! You don't think it'll become a crush right?
by SamiGirl19 March 23, 2009