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The happiest, livliest ska band ever. Great music, make syou want to dance with every song.
"Theres a ska band,
on my street.
A little ska band.
Everybody thinks their sooooo f**king neat."

(Everything Sucks, Reel Big Fish)
by Tris November 02, 2003
it means to get a drink and only take a few sips, leaving almost a full cup/bottle to go to waste.
Everytime we go to a party, he always finds a way to take someone else's beer and leave a brick because he didnt want to finish it.
by Tris May 08, 2004
1. When something is incredibly cool

2. Something very slushy
"That T shirt is just...slushness!"

"This slush puppy is pure slushness"
by Tris March 17, 2005
A radon vent is anotehr word for a phallus (i.e. both have a similar...shape)
"Dude! Get off that radon vent!"
by Tris February 08, 2005

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