an expertly blended mix of a slut and a lush.
"Oh my God, you kissed eleven guys tonight!? How much did you drink!?"
"Only a bottle of champagne."
"You're such a slush."
by Miss Shy November 02, 2008
A "slutty-lush" ...who may or may not be a lesbian who frequents mo-sex on a regular basis?
I going to live with the slush next year, but I'm afraid the apartment might reek of booze and cum.
by Dfrantz September 07, 2007
A girl that gets the drinks in to be social and then some.
What a slush. She made out with everyone.
by the illwill January 29, 2009
Slush (n.)-When one has a straight crush, meaning they dont romantically desire a person. Rather, they want to be accepted by another person and therefore try to impress them.
Justin:Hey Michael, check out my new Stussy Tee.
Michael:Its just like mine.
Justin:umm, yeah.
Michael:Man, you have a total slush on me.
Justin: I just want to be accepted by you.
Michael: Daps whats up.
by Nlili Shamrat July 13, 2007
A slush is a combination slut/lush; a portmanteau if you will...if i may. a slush is a woman who is promiscuous and drinks heavily; constantly. they can usually be found at your local dive bar most nights of the week. they have no outward care towards responsibility related things, they mostly prefer to drink and sleep around.
i met this sloppy slush at the bar last night. she's not much to look at but she can hold her liquor like a pirate.
by retroafro December 16, 2005
half slut - half lush
you fuckin' slush! get offa me!
by Ian - Humphrey Wilder - C June 27, 2003
Cool, hip, awesome, undeniably impressive, out of control, origin relating to the concept of making Tang slushies (you know you love it)
"Fun dip is slush, yo!"

"R Kelly's 'Trapped in the Closet'? Now that's slush."

"That snowfort with the drawbridge was slush!"
by NicRybies December 29, 2005

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