intransitive verb:

1) (literal definition) to create man-foam (ejaculate)

2) to gush, i. e. to praise something highly or run your mouth about something you love


3) man-foam, man-milk, froth, etc.

4) the nasty grey stuff on roads after a snowstorm

5) scum, crap -- used to refer to something you dislike.
1) Person 1: Let's watch The Lion King 2!
Person 2: No, you bastard, the last time we watched that you slushed all over the screen.

2) Damn... Nick just won't stop slushing about The Boosh. I wish he'd stuff a muskrat down his throat.

3) You got slush all over my trenchcoat! I'm never lending you anything ever again.

4) Weather Man: Stay off the roads today, as there is a massively high probability of slush buildup.

5) That Frenchman is full of slush... I bet if we stuck a needle into his stomach it'd ooze frothy whiteness.
#hank shorb #suque #chalkman #boxy #long john silver
by Pechvarry November 10, 2006
Top Definition
Slush (pronounced sl oo sh) = SLO + Kush
Name for marijuana that is smoked in San Luis Obispo, California. Most commonly smoked by Cal Poly students. Very potent weed that will get you really, really high.
Bruce, stop being selfish and let me hit that slush!
by gummybeargabby December 05, 2015
(N) A person who is extremely whorish and who drinks too much alcohol.

(Adj) Slushy
The girl that took her top off in the bar tonight was a major slush.

Sometimes when I go out with my friends I turn into a slush.

I like to get slushy when I go out drinking.
#lush #slut #whore #trashy #hot-tranny-mess
by TylerMW(Tdub) September 11, 2009
a female slut that also drinks too much alcohol, commonly known as a lush, or a drunk.
guy 1: I hooked up w/ that girl last night

guy 2: who hasn't? that chicks a slush
#slush #lush #slut #slushie #slushy #drunk
by foxxie1 June 08, 2010
adj- to descibe something with a mass amount of swag
1.damn those oaks are slush
#swaggin #fresh #crisp #fly #krispy
by call me han solo February 07, 2010
A slutty lush.

Also see slushie.
Johnny: That drunk, slutty girl with her tits hanging out is definitely going home with someone tonight.
Jimmy: What a slush. Maybe I'll get lucky.
#slut #lush #slushie #slutty #sushi
by Late_Nights December 05, 2009
A sluty lush.
Everytime Jane goes to the bar she turns into a total Slush.
#slut #drunk #girl #lush #hoe
by Deli Jen July 16, 2008

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A social bookmarking term.
“I gota go slush some sites.” – “If you must slush, please do so responsibly.”
#slushing #slusher #social bookmarking #social networking #websites #links.
by 3ncryptabl3 June 27, 2008
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