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When a girl is pile drove so much, her organs then become so much like a slushy or they fall out of her vagina.
"Dude I pile drove her so hard I swear I gave her a slushy."
by Slushy maker January 15, 2014
A slang term for people who are "sloshed."


Originally referred to as a hot female who is very intoxicated at a bar or club. They are usually so drunk to the point of stumbling and slurring, while they hit on every guy in sight, hence the combination of slut + sloshie + sloshed = Slushies

1. (adj) Slushed
- slang term for being sloshed

2. (noun) Slushie(s)
- A person who is effin wasted
Just finished getting wasted
Person A BAC .10+: Duuude bra... Im fuckerd up drinkss draaanks, sheeet niiigga, sooo slushed.
Person B 100% Sober: Good job, you're the pillar of society.
Person A BAC .10+: Thatttss SO tru ohhhh my goood SO SLUSHED.

Going to get DRANKS
Person A: Dude bro, its about time to pick up some slushies at the club!
Person B: No thanks, drunk sluts are fucking stupid.
by ProBro February 22, 2011
Slushy is what happens to a person when they drink too much alcohol and then behave like a slut.
What happened to you last night?

I got slushy
by Amy June 14, 2006
to be associated with promiscuous actions.
to be promiscuous.

(or in other words a slut or to be trashy)
slut, whore, prostitute, etc. slushy
by lastplaceloser March 20, 2009
A mixture of PCP and cocaine. You can "do a slushy" or "get slushy." A good way to get crippled or incarcerated.
"Hey, this party doesn't have enough fights going on. Let's get slushy and fix that."

"Naw, I don't do no slushy no more. Blacked out one night, woke up behind a 7-11 missing these two front teeth. I'll stick to soft shit like Adderall thanks.
by Parhelion February 12, 2009
A slushy is when a man ejaculates into a woman's vagina, and almost immediately afterword have sex again, the cum from the previous sex acts as a lubricant, a slushy.
Mikaela and I spent the whole afternoon making a slushy
by Thee Heisenberg January 28, 2011
a variant of cool pertaining especially to objects, event or people that are unique and/or strange. Often used in conjunction with rowdy.
That movie was slushy.

This is the slushiest join in town.

He's all slush-rowdy.
by Andrew June 04, 2003
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