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Rhianna is The most perfect girl youll ever meet

but more explanation there is so much you could say, shes beautiful, funny, lovely, just amazing in everyway Youd be so lucky if you met her so if you havnt uunnnlluuckkkyy you twat

You Could never Meet Anyone Like Her Shes Just The Best Thing since Life Began. You couldnt understand how lovely this girl is til you met her
Person 1: who was that perfect girl?
Person 2: oh your thinking of Rhianna :)
by Oh That Guy! July 07, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the entire world. shes as perfect as it gets.
Nobody is as perfect as Rhianna.
by J COLE November 25, 2006
The most beautiful, fun loving girl you could ever meet. Rhianna is kind, supportive, usually cold and has the most luckiest boyfriend alive. Rhianna can not be replayced by anyone alive or dead on this universe. Rhianna is a sporty, courageous and out going person. Rhianna is also a very attractive person who gets all of the guys. My life sucked, so I asked myself, what am I missing? The answer to that is Rhianna. Your life would suck without a Rhianna, so get off your lazy ass and find one!
Who is that angel?
That angel is a Rhianna
by Jayden23 March 30, 2015
A talentless singer who leads a double life as a punching bag. Everyone loves her songs, which is curious because she just repeats the same thing over and over until it's a three minutes long.
Nobody wants to be a Rhianna.
by TakeThatSociety December 08, 2013
A stupid brat who eats boys.
Yeah, she's a total Rhianna.
by Sokeai November 18, 2010
a pop star who used to be hot, but now looks like a kindergarten teacher
i used to think rhianna was hot, but now when i look at her it reminds me how cruel old age is
by hamhamhamham April 07, 2010

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