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To masturbate furiously in your room while praying that your grandma doesn't come in.
GET OUT GRANDMA! I was sleeping.
Those were sleeping noises grandma.
by JamesLOL November 03, 2006
a mystical kind of magic which sends u to an alternate plane of existence in which the magical gremlins give u pro plus
i was sleeping when i heard a large crash
by jess543 October 25, 2005
something you never get enough of once you hit the age of 15.
fairly obvious person: wow, you like crap cheryl.
cheryl with the bags under her eyes: thanks. its because i never get enough sleep.
fairly obvious person: you should be sleeping now.
cheryl with the bags under her eyes: (she passed out.)
by anonymous ashley girl October 14, 2008
A gateway drug to being awake.
What's the point in sleeping? I'll just be awake again tomorrow?
by zizzfest February 28, 2009
Other than "planking" sleeping is laying on your stomach with your eyes closed and hands on your head in some sort of way.
That guy was sleeping on top of a glass aquarium.
by BhsMac April 29, 2012
When u close your eyes and think of perverted things, which will never actually happen.
The man woke up from his sleep and realized that there werent seven women surrounding him.
by Sagar Kadakia May 02, 2004
1.) The Second best thing to do in bed alone.
2.) Maybe the First best thing to do if there was somebody else doing it with you
1.) Yea...Sleeping was fun
2.) OH YEA...Sleeping with Carly tonight
by Chingchangjj July 05, 2011