Top Definition
to tell others of your illicit activities, such as police
I thought that was my boy until he started snitchin, now he's 6 feet under and still bitchin.
by Wodie October 12, 2002
Tellin on someone for an act they committed.
Snitchin' on friends to authorizes I.E. cops; gf's; bf's; Bosses, etc. Example: Boss did you know we did this when we weren't suppose to? No Pablo I did not, thank you for telling on your fellow coworkers
by tmoney24 September 17, 2014
acting all crazy and shit, wilin out
ex: Yo Avon hoe be snitchin' cause he be fuckin other bitches
by yoyoma20005 September 11, 2010
A person who flurts with your girl or a being a dick
Ayyyeeee man u be snitchin on my girl?!?!?!??!?
by spoucket April 08, 2011
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