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To covertly inform others that you are going to go fornicate. Usually at night when you would normally be sleeping.
mamajama- hey i'm going to go do some sleepings
Alfred- Ok man, have fun.
by curlyfroman3 June 19, 2008
Not being able to catch on to new or up and coming trends; or not being able to recognize when something new is the bomb or great.
That new "Papoose" mixtape is hot, but people keep sleeping on his music for some reason.
by Kat E. May 13, 2006
Taking too much time to hit an L or joint, hitting it too many times/holing it for too long.
Alan: "Yo man, pass the L. You're sleeping on it."
by Liney4Life August 13, 2008
Gaining one's confidence and luring them into a desired area to kill or beat them because of something they have done.
Gang Leader: "i heard that that motherfucker has been snitchin. i want you to take care of him"

Gang member 1 (talking to another gang member): "yo dawg the don wants that snitch dead. we're sleeping him tomorrow"
by sleeper107 January 12, 2008