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Luring is a way of making money on MMORPGs, in example, Runescape, by tricking stupid n00blets to get killed and stealing their belongings
n00b: Cen u plz take me 2 Ardougne.
Lurer: Alright, follow me.
n00b: Ok, thx. -follows-
Lurer: Alright, we're almost there.
Lurer's Friend: -Ice blitzes the n00b-
n00b: OMG u lurer! -dies-
n00b: I gunna report u 4 luring me.
Lurer: You do that, retard
by Bokku Ga Kira November 15, 2007
The term is from the norwegian language and is used to describe very smart persons, or people that look smart.
Markus: Hey Vetle, you are a luring
Vetle: God damnit, Markus. Of course I am.
by Vetle May 06, 2007

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