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badly landed skateboard trick
yo nigga that kickflip was sketchy as hell
by johnathan john April 30, 2010
come on you're a sketchy sketchball don't deny it
by Ice Fox April 20, 2010
1. not certain, lacking in detail

2. suspicious, of questionable morals, such as someone who might be doing something illegal
The info they gave me was a bit sketchy.
by The Return of Light Joker March 20, 2010
A person who is lurking from a distance. To make things awkward by disappearing randomly and randomly showing up. Usually scaring people when returning from sketching off. Often the friend in a group who's just kinda around. Mostly the third wheel in a group. Can also be a couple who don't want to be watched while hooking up
"Clay keeps disappearing, and then showing up randomly"-Wesely
"He's just being sketchy as usual"-Ty

"Okay now where the hell did Thomas go"-Nick
"I don't know man, he and Mary just sketched off somewhere"-Scott
by JShepard9 February 20, 2010
When you see part of something thats not all there or something that is incomplete and scary or makes someone seem unsettled
"look at the face in the window up there"

"i cant quite make it out, its sketchy, kinda gives me the creeps
by Cj Lew Lew January 24, 2010
To be iffy.To be scary but you want to do it.Sk8 Term btw so no possers jk free county.
Adam "Wana Fuck on the bridge"
Shelly *big dude with Adams apple and a deep voice*
"Thats sketchy but let me get my ducktape and put on your blind fold"
by Nick No Dicks November 19, 2009
Used in snowboarding and skiiing to describe an unsafe/unpredictable/hazzardous park, urban or backcountry feature.

Also used in both sports to describe a peice of terrain/snow pack that is considered unpredictable and likely to avalanche.
" the transition on that kicker was super sketchy but buddy managed to stomp the landing anyway."

"We made a couple of turns but the snow was really sketchy and could easily have avalanched...so we got the hell outta there."
by shrdnleprachaun November 12, 2009