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noun- Prostitute; hooker; whale penis
verb-to have sexual intercourse with someone you have just met
I paid 50 dollars for a kanorfka all night.
I kanorfaed her all night long.
by lastchance1291 December 25, 2005
Adj- Shady; what the situation becomes when someone has taken too much speed Speed; unsafe; unreliable; not trustworthy

Noun-Sketchball- A person who has taken too much Extacy who cannot make safe decisions and is no longer reliable or trustworthy; A shady character
New York alleys at night are so sketchy.

There is no way in hell I'm going to give my new Mercades to that sketchball.

The wooden rollercoaster at the theme park in Colorado was really sketchy.
by lastchance1291 March 25, 2006

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