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Acting in a manner that is erratic, unpredictable, or untrustworthy; accompanied by paranoia, nervousness, and fidgeting - usually associated with meth users.
"Jeez, that guy was sketchy. I bet he hasn't slept in days"
by Ryjin June 18, 2005
A four day arts-and-music festival in western Canada, situated on one hundred acres of isolated valley. It takes place once a year, draws more than ten thousand people, and has many activities like DJ lessons, hot air balloon rides, a twenty-four hour hackey-sack circle, firespinning classes, and a mindboggling array of talented musicians and artists.
"the first and second best weekends of my life were Shambhala 2003 and Shambhala 2004, hands down"
by Ryjin June 27, 2005

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