Somebody who does inexplainable shit, says random things and has little to no short term memory, generally messed up from drug abuse.
1. You sketchy fuck!
by King L July 20, 2003
Often used in skateboarding. Describes the rider as unsteady, a rider with lack of control over the board.
ohh this hang over sure makes me skate sketchy as ....
by toba July 17, 2003
Originated as a skateboarding term, meaning "sloppy landing". Now commonly used as "uncertain, unfriendly, creepy, unsafe".
1. That trick was sketchy. I'm going to re-do it.
2. This neighborhood looks sketchy, let's get out of here.

3. He looks kind of sketchy, I don't think I can trust him.
by skatefussbus June 13, 2013
A commonly used word at SMU, often used to refer to a situation or person being "Sketch." The word can be used as "sketch," "sketchily," "sketchmiester," also interchangable with shiesty If you see someone being sketch at a party call them on it. Girls if a guy offers to buy you a drink and he's "sketch" watch him like a hawk bc he may slip a rufie in your drink.
Lee is sketchily touchy dani on her ass.
Lee is so sketch that no one wants to be alone with him.
He is SO sketchy that Robyn locks her door at night.
by Jgo September 08, 2005
adj: jailbait accident waiting to happen. And by accident we mean piano-suspended-by-fishing-line style accident.
"Dude, I swear she is 18!" "No man, she seems Sketchy"
by The Lawlrus March 31, 2009
the adjective describing someone who is sneaky and manipulative. a liar and cheater with alot of hoes.
aka kyle k. - "Brittany, i swear your the only girl, i promise."
2 minutes later
"Yo aubrey baby, always and forever, were all each other needs at the end of the day baby."
Kyle is being sketchy.
by Your Girls May 29, 2008
adj: being a shady character, pretty much you're bad news, but people love you for it. you know everything thats going on, and usually you're helping whats going on. During school hours, sketchies smoke. Out of school hours, opprotuntities are endless. Look out, cuz here they come, and when they come, so does trouble.
and most likely the cops are not too far behind.
Boy 1: Those kids over there smoking in the alley are so skecthy.
Boy 2: Oh truth, but they have the best weed.

by PWNAGE. September 30, 2007

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