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a game where players act out a phrase, movie title, book title, or tv show name.
Also, the most amusing game to play on extremely long bus rides to and from Florida, preferably when the clues are difficult and require acting out elements of Napolean Dynamite (ex. hash brownies)
Note, pointing to things outside the bus/things people are doing on the bus or talking ruins the fun of charades.
I owned that game of charades, my partner guessed the clue in 5 seconds.
by lorlila March 21, 2005
An adjective used to describe anything questionable or foreign in relation to one's comfort zone. Commonly used by teenagers in a-town to describe other people they find shady. Not to be confused with sketch, the form of the word used by many teens in McLean.
The dark alley was most sketchy.
by lorlila March 21, 2005
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