To be iffy.To be scary but you want to do it.Sk8 Term btw so no possers jk free county.
Adam "Wana Fuck on the bridge"
Shelly *big dude with Adams apple and a deep voice*
"Thats sketchy but let me get my ducktape and put on your blind fold"
by Nick No Dicks November 19, 2009
Used in snowboarding and skiiing to describe an unsafe/unpredictable/hazzardous park, urban or backcountry feature.

Also used in both sports to describe a peice of terrain/snow pack that is considered unpredictable and likely to avalanche.
" the transition on that kicker was super sketchy but buddy managed to stomp the landing anyway."

"We made a couple of turns but the snow was really sketchy and could easily have we got the hell outta there."
by shrdnleprachaun November 12, 2009
Something that just doesn't feel right. If it makes you bob your head side to side, squint, and say, "ehhhhhh", then it's probably sketchy.
"I agree. Yeah, this is totally sketchy."
by angryggggg September 17, 2009
When someone lands a trick on a skateboard awkardly or landing a trick in ruff terain.
Fuck that kickflip was sketchy

Man the stairs look sketchy
by mac me you filthy bitch July 27, 2009
Used to describe a place that is shady, iffy or just generally makes one feel unsafe.

The word was created by a passer-by to describe Vancouver's shady east side and grew like wildfire across the nations.
Going into a poor area that doesn't feel safe is sketchy.
Not down with this guy he is super sketchy.
by TrueSketch June 01, 2009
doing or seeing or accepting something that is borderline perverted
When Tato took Jackson's latin homework to give to me because she knows I stalk him, I felt sketchy
by Molly has a d***mcstergona May 20, 2009
A word of which the true meaning is known only by the user. Can be used to describe either a shady event/location/person, or a cool event/location/person. Has also been used to express degrees of confusion.
For example:

Sally: “Jim’s acting sketchy as hell.”

Mary: “What do you mean? That word makes no sense.”
by Tsunami Lu March 19, 2009

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