a really awesome name for a really awesome guy or girl
Girl: Did you see Michael Phelps on TV last night?
Guy: Yeah! i heard he changed his last name to Sims so he could be even more awesome than he is now!
by Mizzomer September 08, 2008
A code word for cigarettes made up to be used in front of parents with out them knowing what we were going to do.
It was named that because I once hid mine in the case for the game sims.
Hey do u want to go play sims?
Hey man do u have any sims?
what sims do you like to play the most.
by hell monkeys master October 20, 2007
a game where you can learn how to please your girlfriend/boyfriend
i used to be a regect until i got the sims. now im sexually pleasing to everyone i come in contact with
by sarah April 18, 2004
(n) (Plural in form)
A term for a confused, sometimes unclear overbearing and possibly baked teacher.

To Pull a Sims: To do something stupid, unreliable, or just confusing.

A Sims moment: a moment in time in which the object has acted like a sims

Sims-Quote: a quote that somebody said that shows their simsity

Other forms: Simslike, to sims, simser
I accidentaly pulled a sims when I told my student that he had to do 3 papers, study for a test and read 4 chapters of The Scarlet Letter but i didn't tell him how do to any of it...
by XG-WJ923 December 21, 2004
parliment menthol light cigarettes. most amazing goodness and when they touch my lips it tastes so good.
"Hey Gil, can't I get some sims?"
by Jenna T. October 14, 2006
Best person ever to exist!!
Owns everyone in his path.

<3 sims
sims owns all

<3 sims
by shads July 14, 2004
A game for people who try and emulate a real life.
The sims online is for perverts and homosexuals.
Man, he must play the sims.
He enjoys the sims online.

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