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(verb) to get Mortimered is when a woman you're flirting with casually refers to her boyfriend in conversation so as to dissuade you from making further advances without seeming rude. The term derives from the fact that her boyfriend is probably stupid, and his stupid name is probably Mortimer.
guy 1: "dude did you go home with that girl from the bar last night?"
guy 2: "nah, I thought I was golden but then she Mortimered me hardcore."
guy 1: "bad times."
by Gil Barry January 21, 2009
To kill something in a brutal, thoughtless or horrific manner. Derived from "Mortify" and "Murder".
Did you see the way that dog mortimered those chickens?
by Jonathan Nash June 27, 2010
Man who helps others. One who is selfless. This man is a great leader always willing to help others. He is loyal and careing. Also a man who loves Saki.
Man that guy helped me get rank 5 he is very mortimer.
by Kalei June 23, 2005
described as a man or woman who enjoys having felatio done on him by a woman or man dressed as a dead person
When I had pneuminia i gave that mortimer an awesome blowjob
by covington April 27, 2006
noun.-A Male Having unusually large testicles. Usually with a small or just average penis size that is not in proportion with that of the size of his testicles.
Ant.- un-Mortimer

also shortened to be "mort"
Brandon got pantsed, his ball's are unbelievable, what a mortimer.
by Ransom Hob June 05, 2005

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