An Annoying game crated by some megaconglomerate Will Sumfinoranother, I like to kill these little artificial beings!
"I burnt my sims to death in a kitchen fire, Shudnt have FUCKED my girlfriend while I was watching TV in the next room with my best mate on the mechanical BULL!"
by Philip J February 14, 2003
Stupid, pointless computer game. Enjoyed only by useless underachievers with "god" complexes. Watching an ant farm with a magnifying glass is more entertaining.
Stupid Sims Gamer: I'm so excited now that I got the latest expansion pack for the Sims!!

Me: You are one a pathetic loser.
by Alfie The Horndog August 23, 2005
The game were you're god and can kill people and make the you that will never be you.
I made myself in sims
by MitunaCaptorHS April 04, 2016
A sim is a game that has real life things in a game like Tractor sim
I am Playing Tractor sim! says Bill
by simulator64 June 11, 2015
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